PUBG Tops on Both Sales and Player Count on 2017

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Every end of the year, Steam looks back and lists the bestselling games that made the most revenue during the year. Who would have expected PUBG to top the list? It was in “early access” for such a long time that many feared it would stay that way. There are many bugs and graphical problems with it, yet it usually beats Dota 2 and CSGO in player count. Even more players (and complaints) rushed in when the game became open to Chinese players; yet millions still play it.

What Makes PUBG Special

Pitting people in a battle to survive (with or against each other) is not a new concept in fiction or reality. The Romans' entertainment for a time was to pit fighters against each other or a fierce creature such as a lion. The novel, Battle Royale, pits school children against each other to survive on an island, and there is also Lord of the Flies as well. The more recent Hunger Games series also builds on the idea though it is used as a means of controlling the populace.

Clearly, PUBG's main concept is not a new thing, so what makes it so special? It might be the fact that you can participate in one from the safety of your home. It could be the stylish PUBG skins, or maybe it is the thrill of anticipation, of wondering whether survival is in the future of this round or not. If it is not any of those, the challenge of figuring out strategies, and being able to outwit opponents could be a reason. Related to that, it could just be the feeling of being better than others and winning.

Or maybe it is just the fairness of the situation. Even the most “skilled” players do not win consistently. Sure, it can influence the chances of winning, but there are other factors to consider. There is whether or not players land near PUBG items such as supplies and equipment, if the enemies are on low graphical settings or not, managing to find the center of the shrinking map, and many others. This is a game where anybody can win, but a single mistake may have fatal consequences.


In the End

Despite all the negative comments it has been receiving recently, many players are still playing it as the game still tops Steam's player count charts. The numbers speak for themselves, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds spot in the top of both the Best Selling and Player Count charts cannot be denied. That is all for this article and may chicken dinners be in your future. Enjoy PUBG!