Back in the summer of 1999, the Belgian developer Appeal suprised the whole gamingcommunity with their action adventure game Outcast. Outcast didn't seem original at the beginning, but exposed his beauty while playing. The story, the gameplay, the sound, a lot of it seemed to be at the right place.

Almost 3 years later, Appeal is coming with a sequel to the game. We were able to speak with Franck Sauer, art director at Appeal, about Outcast2: The Lost Paradise. What's your job at Appeal and what is your role in the development of Outcast 2?

Franck Sauer: I'm Art Director and cofounder of the company with Yann Robert. I'm directing the art team for Outcast : TLP and I do several art-related tasks such as character animation. One of the best aspects of Outcast was the immens freedom, will that also be one of the key features in Outcast 2?

Franck Sauer: Of course. Although the objectives for the player will be clearer and a bit more focussed. Are there any special things that you really want to implement into Outcast 2 and what are the really revolutionary things that we can accept?

Franck Sauer: Yes there are some, one in particular that I don't want to disclose here, yet. Is Outcast 2 going to be linear? And if not, do the actions of Cutter have a big influence on the overall outcome and are there any big decisions you have to maken during the game?

Franck Sauer: It's not linear, but it's not completely parallel (or free). The game structure is a graph with some quests that have to be performed in a linear way and others that can be performed in parallel way. And yes, some of your actions have an impact on the overall outcome of the game.