Computer games online verwent de trekkies onder ons met maar liefst twee previews van star trek titels, namelijk Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force en Star Trek: Armada :Star Trek: Armada: There are two other resources in the game: officers and crew. Officers are almost like farms in Warcraft; each ship requires a certain number of officers in order to be built, with larger ships naturally requiring more officers. The number available for each side is hard-coded into each scenario, so the designers can use this number as a way to limit the size of each side's force (which is also a convenient tool to limit polygon counts, since Armada uses a fully 3D engine). In multiplayer games, the number of officers is configurable to keep battles more intimate or to leave them wide open. Crew, on the other hand, are an infinite resource, like the guys with red shirts on the original show. When a ship is built, it leaves the shipyard fully loaded with crew. When damage penetrates a ship's shields, if the ship's life support system goes out, or if the ship enters a radioactive nebula, crew will die. The Borg are also fond of assimilating members of an enemy ship's crew. The percentage of a ship's crew remaining determines how quickly it fires its weapons and repairs its shields. Returning to a starbase will restock your crew. Alternatively, you can use transporters to shuffle crew from one ship to another. In this sense, crew are almost like supplies that can be shared among a group of ships until they return to base.screenies: En een review van star trek: Elite force:The game will feature an essentially linear mission-based structure, with less hectic "intermissions" on board Voyager itself. Raven has modeled a good portion of the ship based on schematics given to them by Paramount; in between missions the player will visit familiar locations such as the Bridge, Engineering, Sickbay, the Mess Hall, Astrometrics, the Shuttle bay, the Cargo Bays, crew quarters, hallways, and so on. You will not simply be wandering free during these sequences—generally you will be given orders and are expected to follow them. If you are standing on the bridge and Captain Janeway tells you to go to Engineering, then you had best not get caught loitering in the Mess Hall (it is possible to get thrown in the Brig). Other members of Voyager's crew will go about their duties as you wander the ship, thanks to Raven's new scripting system. In-engine conversation sequences can be initiated by "using" other crewmembers; the game will also make use of rendered cut-scenes for exterior (ship) shots.nog meer screenies: Sorry voor die rare hoekjes in die plaatjes, maar dat waren vergroot glaasjes, en anders gaat iedereen daar als een gek op klikken