GODZ is een nieuwe multiplayer MOD voor Unreal Tournament waarin jij de gestalte aanneemt van een bovennatuurlijke god. In deze MOD is het doel om met psychische krachten je tegenstander te overwinnen.

Het GODZ team heeft aangekondigd zeer binnenkort de eerste beta vrij te geven, waarin de volgende features te vinden zijn.GODZ is expected to be completed and released in early first quarter of 2002.

BattleLust, Endurance, and Alliance gametypes have been completed. It's still uncertain whether GODZ TOURNAMENT will be included in beta 1.

6-7 different fighters will appear in beta 1.

Beta 1 will include an mp3 music player so you can play your own music also ingame.

GODZ will only be developed for the Windows platform for Unreal Tournament video game. However, there are plans to port GODZ to future Unreal Engine games so that other platforms can play it.

Over 21 unique attacks will be featured.

GODZ will be a total conversion. This also means that it will from a shortcut. However, it can also be launched from regular UT (like Quake3 mods).

All gametypes are geared towards fast paced action. You'll be able to sense other gods using an Ingame radar system.

Will feature gameplay similar to the immensely popular Dragonball Z anime but will also feature original gameplay/ideas.

Beta 1 will not feature destroyable enviroments but you will be able to destroy some objects in certain maps.

Multiplayer and Bot matches will be fully supported.

User created models/maps can be easily added to GODZ. Documentation will be included in the release.Wanneer de MOD precies wordt verwacht is niet bekend, maar voor meer info surf je naar de site.