ultimate games heeft de microsoft sidewinder dual strike getest :“An easy to use, accurate controller that provides a much more comforatble alternative to the Mouse/Keyboard combo used in First Person Shooters.” - It's the Holy Grail for game hardware companies. And while these erstwhile Indiana Jones' have tried hard to reach this elusive beastie, none have really come close enough to mention –and some have been downright terrible. Enter the acclaimed Microsoft Sidewinder Range with their contender: The Dualstrike.So – I persevered, and things slowly got better and better… Like with any controller, customization is the key to success. To get the “perfect” layout is a personal thing, so you're going to have to do some tweaking until you get things just the way that suits your playing style. Happily, the Setup screen for the Dualstrike provides a huge amount of customization. That plus the bevy of options in the Half-Life setup screen meant I was easily able, over the space of about 20 mins, having to refer to the instructions only once, to get things set up the way I wanted.