Hier een review inelkaar gegooid door Adrenaline Vault. Micro$oft heeft een twee versies van de flight simulator de 'basic' en de 'Professional', de Professional versie heeft wat meer vliegtuigjes en wat meer dingen die je met de hand moet instellen.Microsoft took a year off and didn't develop a 1999 edition of their best selling flight simulator in order to revamp the design and offer us a more sophisticated release for 2000. The previous version, Flight Sim 98, was released over a year ago and received critical acclaim for its versatility, variety and depth in representing large geographical areas. Microsoft has retooled the ultra popular series for the new year and is offering two versions, the normal 2000 release and a professional edition. The two products are the same basic game, but the professional edition does boast some impressive enhancements, including extra aircraft, more cities, a flight dynamics editor, interface enhancements and a more comprehensive manual. To cover all the bases, I'll be referring to both, but using the professional edition for the majority of this review3 Coole plaatjes van MS Flight Simulator 2000 P