Multi Theft Auto is een van de bekendste mods voor Grand Theft Auto 3 en Vice City. Voor iedereen die niet bekend met deze games is en afvraagt of ze voor MTA het waard zijn om te worden aangeschaft, heeft men een video met gameplay actie online gezet. Het filmpje dat 27MB weegt en 4 minuten en 29 seconden duurt, kun je op deze pagina downloaden.MTA was the first MP mod for GTA3. After a lot of hoaxes someone finally made one. After a bit of work IJsVogel created GTA3AM (now known as MTA0.1). It was a limited version with only 2 players and no walking support.

MTA 0.2 came fast after 0.1 with a better GUI and a lot of bug fixes but still with the same game play limitations.

The team grew and we started working on 0.3b. After a lot of technical changes we finally made it possible to walk, shoot, fly and do other stuff. MTA 0.3b had it all but there were also a lot of bugs and even worse : a lot of lag.

The team didn't gave up because of this problems and started working on MTA:0.3.5 and also on MTA:VC, our mod for GTA:VC with a completely new code (C++ instead of VB) and a new net code with no lag at this moment.