In Duitsland is een man miljonair geworden, omdat er, waarschijnlijk door een millenniumbug, opeens ruim 12 miljoen mark op zijn rekening stond....According to, a German salesman became a millionaire on paper when a malfunctioning bank computer inflated his bank account to more than 12 million marks ($6.2 million). Whether the mistake was caused by the millennium bug or was an unrelated problem was not immediately clear. The Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday that the salesman from Bergheim near Cologne in western Germany found a total of 12,999,997 marks credited to his name when he logged into his home banking computer account. Not only was the amount wrong, but so was the date -- December 30, 1899. Alleen jammer dat het allemaal geld uit 1899 is, das nu niet meer geldig