Wewp! Entertainment heeft een previewtje geplaatst van Dirt Track Racing. Check het copy/paste stukkie.Of all of the racing sports out there, few are as much fun as the slip and sliding, demolition derbies, and dirt racers. A race where smashing up your car is actually expected always draws crowds in all Midwestern states. Many men will swear their souls on the cars they pour their sweat and time to fix up for that race Friday night. Loud cheers go up as dirt racers fly by kicking up dirt and mud.So does this look like a good dirt racing sim? It might. I had fun playing it as far as I could, being a demo and all, and I even tried out the multiplayer option, and once again got defeated flat by my wife. The demo comes with a multiplayer option in which case you set up a DTR (Dirt Track Racing) server and you can then log into it with a client, or the single player version. Try it out if you download this demo, for racing against a friend is always better, and more exciting.