Alle Airwolf, Blue Thunder en Commanche fans kunnen binnenkort de virtuele genotsknots weer oppoetsen, want Commanche 4 is gold. NovaLogic heeft de wereld laten weten dat het spel 15 november in de Amerikaanse winkels moet liggen. Europa zal waarschijnlijk snel volgen.FLY the U.S. Army's next generation attack helicopter in over 30 extreme missions

FIRE a 20mm cannon, 70mm rockets, Stinger heat-seeking and Hellfire laser-guided missiles

FLY effortlessly with keyboard/ mouse shooter controls or just about any peripheral on the market

FIRE on enemy aircraft, ground troops, tanks, boats and more

FLY over stunning, interactive 3D terrain that reacts to the helicopter's rotors

FIRE on your friends in the skies of NovaWorld with FREE* online multiplayer

De demo, screenshots en meer info over Commanche 4 vind je op de officiele pagina.