Thrilling speeds and knee jerk reactions await you in Small Bang Theory as you race your atom through a particle accelerator. Powerups will boost your score and help you survive long enough to reach the top of the chart.


Small Bang Theory is a game conceived during the Global Game Jam 2012 in Breda. The game was originally created by a team called Artless Bastards and with the game they won the best game award at the jam in Breda. We realized that the game had potential and approached the team, consisting of Ruud van Asseldonk Quincy Tynes Jamie Visser Designers: Arie Gijsenberg Sidney Kupers, with the question whether they were interested in allowing us to publish the game. A few beers and exchanged words later SassyBot Studio was ready to take Small Bang Theory into production. 

The SassyBot development team was ready for production after a few of the team members had submitted their graduation work for a bachelor’s degree. A number of weeks later the game was ready to be published on OUYA. Development was very typical for an indie studio as we worked on borrowed consoles and hardware in order to finish the game developed out of a bedroom. We were also a victim of a delayed OUYA development kit which set us back a few days although luckily a local game designer helped us out by lending us his kit. 

A valuable lesson learnded from development is to spend at least as much time marketing a game as it takes creating it. Like others releasing on OUYA, we also experienced disappointing sales. Because we believe the game is good fun to take on the road we optimized Small Bang Theory for an Android and iOS release. This time around we have taken the marketing aspect of publishing a lot more serious.


Portable Arcade Action Powerups for survival and score multipliers Traverse several explosion riddled stages Insane twitch reaction provoking speeds Save your highest score to brag with