“BREAKING: @Xbox media relations confirms to me via email that #kinect sensor IS NOT required for #XboxOne. #privacy #drm #prism #microsoft”

He then followed up with this bomb shell:

“.@Xbox confirms NO #XboxOne price drop due to NO kinect requirement. #XboxOne is “competitively priced” & Xbox is “confident with the value.”

The policy of being ‘Kinect‘ Sensor always on and attached to the console was not liked by most of the customer’s and this was one of the major causes of decline of Xbox one Pre-Orders.

As this is a rumor we are working to verify this, but if true, it is an interesting turn of events. person would assume that removal of the Kinect requirement can result in a price drop. Maybe they are still planning to ship the Console’s with Kinect, Keeping the price but removing the function.

Dus voor de mensen die zich zorgen maken om het PRISM gebeuren hebben ze de vrijheid Kinect aan te sluiten en af te sluiten wanneer zijn willen. Uiteindelijk zullen toch steeds meer mensen Kinect wel aangesloten hebben en er neit meer uithalen, dus uiteindelijk maakt het weinig uit.