Trophy Cabinet… show off your silverware and unlock better cabinets along the way.  2v2 is back! Play with a mate locally in ranked online play. More matchmaking options… guests, limited expansion, club vs. international teams, etc.  Division Titles! Basic promotion is ok, but winning the title = glory  Persistent squad/team management saves. Set your club up once per squad update!  Better star level matchmaking… Less RM vs. Tottenham, more RM vs. PSG 




New! Virtual Bundesliga for FIFA 13 fans in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Pick your Bundesliga team and be part of monthly competitions. End-of-season champion crowned in live showdown.




Real-world form, injuries, suspensions will be reflected in-game throughout the season. Real-world events like form, suspensions and media gossip in dynamic commentary for top leagues. ‘Games of the Week’ feature now in kick-off mode; the biggest clashes from the real world of football.




Out 11 September on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Demo teams: AC Milan, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus and Manchester City Demo stadium: Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium Demo will include our new features Match Day and Skill Games. You’ll be able to upload goals and images from the #FIFA13 demo to – we want your goals!




Online Pro and CPU teammates stats based off real attributes from players in top leagues Tuning to Human GKs… no more fully assisted in Clubs, tuned attributes and accomplishments  Maxed out Pros more realistic to real life players. Accomplishments and growth have been tuned Filter to match your ANY preference and human goalkeeper preference #FIFA13 AI teammates get better as your Club improves #FIFA13 Online Pro progression saved on the server, not save files. Bye-bye hackers! Online Pro for Clubs only: no more offline boosting. #FIFA13 Seasons format! No more confusing rank points/leagues. Get to Div 1! #FIFA13 Free Agent Hub allows you to play Drop-In Matches, looks at leaderboards etc. before joining a club #FIFA13




Overhauled introduction for new players. Step-by-step guide to squad building and trading #FUT Special reward packs for returning FUT players. Seasons is now in Ultimate Team! Team of the Week Challenges and FUT unlockables in the Football Club Catalogue. New to FIFA Ultimate Team? There will be an introduction mode to teach key concepts. Finish the match and get a reward!  The main menu has been entirely redesigned. Navigate quickly with dynamic info to keep you up to date  Online and Single Player versions of Seasons are now in Ultimate Team!  Seasons – There will be five divisions in Seasons to prove your Ultimate Team abilities.  Single-player Seasons in FUT have eligibility requirements. Online, it’s all about bringing your very best squad  At the end of every Season in FUT there will be prizes based on how well your Squad performed.  EA SPORTS Football Club - FUT is now fully integrated with EASFC. Your friends can keep up with your big signings.  You can buy unlock rewards in the EASFC catalogue for your club, such as more squads or bigger Trade piles.  Fitness has been redesigned to make fitness recovery items more important.  Morale – The scales for have shifted! Neutral morale is the default and you’ll have to manage your squad to get high morale.  Players expect to play and win to keep high morale. Players with low morale recover to neutral faster.  You can now challenge the Team of the Week for a reward every week. #FIFA13 New manager tasks help teach you the mid-level tasks of running a club. Complete them all for a Special reward!  Web app details will be discussed at a later date.