Ik heb mijn stoute schoenen aangestrokken en vervolgens de mensen van Pixeleers een mailtje gestuurd. In deze e-mail vroeg ik om een press-packet en uiteraard kon ik het niet na laten een paar vraagjes te stellen.

Vandaag kreeg ik dan eindelijk antwoord en Helle Jensen was zo vriendelijk geweest de vragen te beantwoorden:

Q1: How important is humour to "It came for Zog"?

The humour plays a huge role. This is Comedy-SciFi and we put a lot of work into caricature, dialogue, funny characters and typical alien behavior - the character animations will reflect this attitude as well. But comedy is hard work, as not everybody finds the same jokes funny, and so we operate with different kinds of humour ...slapstick action, subtle dialogue, surprising twists, absurdity and so on.

Q2: Can we expect "It came for Zog" to be much like Day of the Tentacle?

First of all, the graphics in "It Came For Zog" are from the 21th century. Second, we use the freedom of movement i realtime 3D, as opposed to the traditional point-and-click. The humour and wacky style though, is in some way similar to Day of the Tentacle. It is never really fair to compare one game with another, but if you liked playing the LucasArts games, you will love "It Came For Zog".

Q3: What will be your target audience with this adventure?

Is it the old school adventurers or are you going to try to make the adventure genre more accesible to everyone so in the end people will want to play more adventures?

The fact that there is some action elements involved in guiding Zog around, might intrigue casual gamers as well as old school adventurers. There will be something to please everybody ...you just wait and see :-)

Q4: Is Pixeleers planning to release more adventures in the future?

We don't have any specific plans on other adventure games right now ...but it's a lovely genre and we could come up with some crazy ideas in the future...