Games, kunst of gewoon entertainment? IGN heeft een artikel hierover. Veel games lijken qua graphics wel op kunst (bv Planescape: Torment), maar vaak heb je het toch over een game in zijn geheel. In dat opzicht vond IGN dat je games niet echt met kunst kon vergelijken. It makes the most sense right now to say that computer games are just computer games—nothing less, nothing more. However, because of their uniquely interactive nature, computer games could easily evolve into a significant new art form. To reach this level, distinctions would have to be drawn—critics would have to step up both their scrutiny of games and their language for describing their resulting discoveries. Critics might also extend the scope and credibility of their articles about games by regularly referring to (and properly citing) each other's work for support—the way it's done in most respected scholarly journals. Also, game stores would have to resemble bookstores, divided into sections by genre and including a section for literary games (or whatever critics would call those that represented the achievement of uncommon, significant art). And most importantly, game publishers would have to devote time and money to delivering products that are intellectually and emotionally significant. Although it's unlikely that all these things will happen any time soon, the fact that you bothered to read this far offers a glint of hope. Ultimately, what the computer-game industry supplies is what we gamers—with our intelligent opinions and increasingly valuable entertainment dollars—demand.