Bij 3D Action Planet vragen ze zich af of de ontwikkeling van zwre engines wel goed is voor de games markt. De nieuwe engines zijn meestal zwaar en de gamer met een gemiddeld systeem kan meestal niet optimaal profiteren van de geboden features van de engine, of moet het doen met Low Quality instellingen of een lage framerate.When id's John Carmack announced the next Doom in his bombshell .plan file, he promised that almost every aspect of the game would use brand new technology. News followed soon after that the next generation of the Unreal Tournament engine will incorporate increased outdoor scale, greater character detail and animation improvements. These developments sound the death knell for current mid-range gaming PCs.

Of course, you can save your money by decreasing the detail settings for the next generation of action titles, but this defeats the purpose of new engine development. After all, what's the point of sweeter eye candy if you don't have the hardware to enjoy it? The only "solution" is to spend more money on another generation of CPUs and video cards that are ultimately destined for premature obsolescence.Klinkt bekend in de oren, niet?