De ZeroPing MOD voor Unreal Tournament is uitgekomen. Deze MOD zou een netwerk-ping moeten kunnen geven over het internet. The Story:The Alpha version of Zeroping showed that client-side hitscan can provide LAN-like performance over lousy connections, and made intercontinental Instagib possible. With the Beta release I hope to prove that this can be done without hurting low-pingers' gameplay or decreasing security. Zeroping no longer bends the rules of physics, allows players to benefit from their own lag, or makes Unreal Tournament easier to hack. This version really shows off the full potential of client-side hitscan. I've also written a Zeroping FAQ, which lists the most common objections to client-side hitscan, and my responses. As always, I'll be on the forums answering questions and looking for feedback. Now that the Zeroping Beta puts most of my ideas into action, I'm going to focus on getting a dialogue going with programmers in the industry and the community. It may well be that client-side hitscan has never been used because there's something horribly wrong with it; Zeroping needs an aggressive peer review to make sure that's not the case. Here's a complete list of changes since the Alpha release: - Can't get hit AFTER ducking behind a corner

- Can't run around killing people while lagged

- Fixed shots that hit, but seem to miss

- Fixed shots that miss, but seem to hit

- Added commands to enable/disable ZP on your own weapons

- Fixed Instagib rifle sometimes failing to fire

- Can't kill the same person twice in a row with double headshots

- Encrypted net traffic to prevent proxy hacks

- Optimized net traffic to reduce bandwidth use

- Fixed double "zp|" bug

- Fixed bug that prevented "zp|" from showing up with 413

- Fixed double flash on shock rifle

- Removed annoying Zeroping message

Still to come:

- Stronger encryption

- Support for rapid-fire weapons

- Adaptive thresholds

De perfect MOD voor alle Casemaslachtoffers Downloaden kan je hier. De FAQ kan je hier vinden.