De meeste games hebben wel een map of leveleditor zodat de spelers zelf eigen levels kunnen maken. Bij Roguespear was dit niet het geval, tot nu. Stomped melde dat men bezig is met een 3DSMax plug-in om zelf levels te maken.Rogue Spear Retreat is reporting that their attempts to get the Red Storm Entertainment 3DSMax plug-ins for Rogue Spear and Urban Operations released have been successful. This means that user created levels will be able to be made once they are released. This is extremely good news to Rogue Spear players like myself.

They have the full info from John Sonedecker, RSE artist, up on their site, but here is the important stuff:

I am here to say that the map building tools used by the development team for Rogue Spear and Urban

Ops should be released to the public in the coming weeks. I do not have an exact date, but it will be before the end of November if all goes well. I am working with a few select people to ensure that the tools are well enough documented to get aspiring map builders started as well as having them test out the package to see if I missed anything.

As you can probably guess, these tools will be completely unsupported by RSE. I will be available in

the Mods forum to answer as many questions as I possibly can. It is my hope that one or more fan sites will cater to the map building community and I can help make sure that they get off to a good start. Keep in mind that I, as well as any of the other level builders, will be helping out on our own time and that help may be sporadic at times.Eindelijk de mogelijkheid om alle politiek gevoelige situaties op je PC na te spelen.