Voor alle dierenvrienden die zich altijd hebben afgevraagd waarom mensen zich druk maken over bondjassen, vinden dat er teveel zeehondjes zijn. Met Sealclubber kan je gewoon hakken zonder vragen te stellen. Een soort deerhunter, alleen dan met zeehondjes.Powered by Ion Thunder's revolutionary TrueClubbin' physics engine, the gameplay of Seal Clubber should boast the richest gratitious animal slaughter we've seen since Deerhunter 11: Return of the Redneck. For example, if you swing your club in a back-hand(a.k.a. "Where's my dinner bitch?!" ) fashion, the seal you just clubbed will react realistically, even the correct agaonizing groan will be present. If you hit it hard enough with an old fashioned baseball swing, its head will most likely pop off. Aside from a realistic physics engine, Seal Clubber will also include a multitude of different characters and clubs to choose from. You can improve the attributes of your character and buy bigger and better clubs by earning seal points. The more original and creative your clubbing style, the more seal points you earn. Multiplayer is one of Seal Clubber's highest points. The Ion Thunder team has devised the most original multiplayer game that I've seen to date. There are multiple game types ranging from the default The Hunted, where the hunter competes against other hunters over LAN, Serial or dial-up/cable/DSL to see who can club the most seals in a set time period, to my personal favorite, When Seals Attack, where the seals get clubs and the hunters become the hunted. Maybe, with all of the new technology behind Seal Clubber, and the robust multiplayer game, it could rise to the popularity of Half-Life.

Zo populair als half-life..........het zal wel.....Zeehondjes doodslaan