Goed nieuws voor fans van games a la Warcraft II, er is namelijk een nieuw stategy spel aangekondigt: Zamolxe.

Er is nog geen releasedate bekend maar de screenshots zien er alvast veelbelovend uit.Zamolxe is a historical real-time strategy game that features five different, individual civilizations: including the Roman Empire, the Macedonians and the Celts. It also features real siege situations, plus tactical and strategic challenges to managing your troops at home as well as on the battlefield. More details can be found in this extensive features list below.


[bullet] Five ancient civilizations - Romans, Dacians, Celts, Persians and Macedonians, each with their own personality, style and graphics

[bullet] Over 70 distinct units, with different looks and behaviors

[bullet] Economic and fighting strategies both at macro and micro levels of management, using specific fighting formations and tactics for every civilization

[bullet] Real sieges, either assaulting the enemy walls with ladders, assault towers, battering rams, poisoned or incendiary projectiles, or defending the own fortifications with specific techniques such as throwing rocks or pouring boiling oil

[bullet] Options to hire mercenaries and sign treaties both in multiplayer and singleplayer

[bullet] 16 bit graphics engine, over 18,000 animation frames for the units alone, with options to watch the battlefield from opposite angles for a better view

[bullet] Two modes of play for multiplayer, either a complex and long lasting confrontation during an entire campaign, or a rapid fight on a single map

[bullet] Up to 8 players over LAN or Internet