Het origineel was best grappig, al viel het nogal weg tegen andere toptitels die toen op de markt waren. We hebben het over Z, de RTS waarbij je met vlaggetjes stukken land moest veroveren en daardoor betere wapens kon maken. Eon Digital heeft bekend gemaakt dat het vervolg niet Z2 (niet zo origineel natuurlijk ) maar Z: Steel Soldiers gaat heten. Eon Digital has announced that its forthcoming real-time strategy game from veteran developer The Bitmap Brothers will be known as Z: Steel Soldiers.

A sequel to the well-received Z, the game's story takes place 500 years on from the events of the original. Trans Global Industries and the MegaCom Corporation are back at war after being so close to a peace agreement.

The publisher is keen to emphasise that Z: Steel Soldiers should be viewed as an arcade-strategy title, with the emphasis on action. The main aim is to take territory as buildings can only be constructed on land occupied by the player. Each territory has a flag numbered from one to five, that number revealing how fast the resource Xenonite can be mined. The developer says that simply trying to take the territories that will give up their resources quickly may prove to be tactically naive - controlling a bottle-neck or high ground in the 3D landscape may be more useful.

Naast dit nieuws over nieuwe naam van deze RTS hebben ze ook nog eens 9 nieuwe screenshots.