Z2 een nieuwe 3d real-time strategy game, die een zekere concurrent van Ground Control kan gaan worden, is door Avault nader onderzocht met behulp van de Bitmap Brothers. BB is al enige tijd bezig met de ontwikkeling van deze sequel(velvolg op Z)The first game was great fun. How will the Z series be improved with the sequel?

The original suffered due to the constraints of the PC business at the time, meaning that games had to be simplified rather than made for hardcore fans. Z2 is a logical progression from Z and adheres to the formula the original used: a strategic arcade game that is immediate and accessible. That said, Z2 will be a more immersive experience and is more detailed than the original. In essence, Z was set within the Z universe, whereas Z2 defines it. The territory model from the original is still used but has evolved into a resource model for the sequel. Lees het hele interview.