Yuri's Revenge, de uitbreiding voor Red Alert 2 is een flinke. Maar liefst 2 nieuwe campains bieden de speler 14 missies aan om zijn tanden op stuk te bijten.

De missies (die allemaal erg origineel zijn) zijn niet echt lastig voor de doorgewinterde RTS gamer maar kunnen soms toch flink doorzetten zijn. Om deze mensen tegemoet te komen heeft Red2.org een walkthrough voor alle missies online gezet.Mission six: Operation To The Moon Location: The Moon Par time: 45 minutes Rank: Colonel Briefing

Yuri plans to launch himself to the moon after initiating his Psychic Dominator wave over earth. We need to install a base on the moon so we can build an attack force capable of destroying Yuri's moon bases and his Lunar Command Center.

Objective 1: Find a location to build a base.

Objective 2: Locate and destroy Yuri's Lunar Command Center.

Objective 3: Destroy Yuri's remaining base.


Welcome to the moon! Move the MCV to the east and setup a base on the flat land there. Develop the base as usual but there is no need to build a War Factory. Focus on building some Flak Cannons and Sentry Guns to ward off any Yuri attempt to destroy the base.

Train as many cosmonauts as possible (until there is no more money if possible) and head north to look for Yuri's base. If necessary, sell off the other buildings to get more cosmonauts. Yuri has three bases. The main one occupies almost half of the map. The other two smaller bases are located at the western and eastern edge of the map respectively.

Get the cosmonauts to hit the smaller bases first but only take out the Bio Reactors aside from the attacking units. Head to the main base and repeat the same process in order to disable all the defenses. Mopping up should be easy when the defenses are down. Destroy every single one of Yuri's buildings and units including the Lunar Command Center.

Mission accomplished!!!

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