De Xbox storm lijkt voorbij. Het ene bericht was niet eens gepost of het andere stond al weer klaar. Meestal lovende woorden over de console van Microsoft. Veel mensen zijn van mening dat de Xbox DE console van de toekomst is. Eurogamer dacht daar anders over en stelde een paar kritische vragen.Why are Microsoft so happy with their Xbox? That's the question that's been puzzling me for the last few weeks as we see announcement after announcement about developer support. Surely anyone can see that it's digging itself into a hole the size of a small third world country and seems intent on tunnelling even deeper. The way the hardware specifications seem to expand and contract isn't helping matters, but it's compounded by Microsoft's incredibly naïve decision to include a non-fixed state hard disk. The implications of such a move on the console industry's target audience may be mesmerizing to watch. Without a

one-switch restoration solution we may see an awful lot of confused and daunted buyers come 18 months time.

So essentially we need to ask just what Microsoft can do to overcome their own naivety. The obvious solution seems to be to scrap the hard disk in favour of more conventional ROM/RAM action and dump the Xbox brand for something more discernible, something that's a little more reverent. Hoe dan ook, de toekomst zal het leren.