Mocht je er nog niet genoeg van hebben gehad, vandaag weer een leuke Xbox-PS2 vergelijking. De beiden machines zijn natuurlijk nog lang niet uit, PS2 deze herfst en de Xbox over een jaar of 2 pas, maar toch leuk om te weten. Processing ability The XBox will contain a 633 MHz Pentium III chip. For those of you that don't speak Intel-ese, this is roughly the equivalent of today's upper-middle class desktops, plenty powerful enough to run just about any game that is going to get designed over the next few years. While the XBox will run under a Windows 2000 system, using a bit of processing power, there won't be any user interface like you might expect with Windows, so the drain off of the CPU will be minimal. In comparison, the PS2 will use a 300 MHz MIPS chip -- about half the power of the XBox. Pretty significant difference, don't you think? Memory Again, PC users will recognize the XBox stat of 64 MB of RAM (random access memory) as being a fairly common standard by today's desktop world. RAM is the area that holds information and data between the disc and the processor; the more you have, the faster your game system can work. Contrast this once again with the PS2, which is running at 38 MB; again, a significant difference, and one that could make a lot of impact, especially with more complex games. Graphics This is the area that makes all the difference in the world to console gamers, right? Well, get ready to go buy a Microsoft console, because the PS2 and Dreamcast and Dolphin will all be eating it's dust. NVidia, makers of the acclaimed GeForce cards for PC, will be providing the 300 MHz chip -- that's a lot of experience and talent behind the XBox right there. Estimates of 300 million triangles per second are floating out of the Microsoft camp. That may not mean much too you -- it doesn't inherently mean jack to me -- but when you compare that to the Sony statistic of 66 million triangles per second, you'll see that Microsoft's graphics capabilities are almost 5 times better than Sony's, the next leading contender.Trouwens ook leuk dat ze nu blijven aankomen met vergelijkingen van 'virtuele machines', aangezien er nog steeds geen final (US/EU) versie is van de PS2 en nog lang geen versie is van de Xbox. Maar goed, we wachten af