DailyRadar nam de updatestatus van de Xbox eens onder de loep en schreef er een verslag over. MMaSter schrijft: "Mischien kunnen we over een jaar al wel genieten van de eerste console van Microsoft.":The Xbox team has done a good job with just about every initial obstacle. Although the rumors of the Xbox project probably leaked a little too early, the official announcement at the Game Developer's Conference was a solid success. Many who went in skeptical about Microsoft spreading itself too thin came out impressed with the specs, and with the impression that someone could possibly challenge Sony as the dominant player in the market.

E3 in May was little more than an opportunity to maintain Xbox as a logo. Nothing groundbreaking was shown, and no big announcements were made. Apart from an attractive model with a pair of bolt cutters climbing a bunch of crates, there wasn't much to see. There was, however, something to hear. An off-the-floor showing demonstrated the power of the Xbox's audio chip by adding realtime sound to the butterfly and robot demos. It didn't generate significantly more buzz, but perhaps more importantly, Xbox kept a presence.

The big post-E3 announcement was Microsoft's acquisition of Bungie. It demonstrated two things: one, Microsoft was more than happy to spend quite a bit of money early on the Xbox, and two, the Xbox team understands that it needs a killer app, a game so good that gamers will buy an Xbox just to play it. By purchasing the maker of Halo, Microsoft stole some thunder from the PC and finally put a game to the name. Whether Halo is going to be a revolutionary title or not is still unknown.We zullen zien of het wat wordt maar in de games wereld zijn launch tijden nooit helemaal zeker.