TheBoss meldt ons interessant nieuws over een eventuele Xbox handheld. Dacht Nintendo nog dat ze ongeslagen met de Game Boy Advance de wereld konden gaan veroveren, dreigt hier ook de nodige concurrentie van Microsoft te gaan komen.

Veel is natuurlijk nog onzeker, maar de interesse van Microsoft in handheld-gaming is hierbij in ieder geval duidelijk gemaakt.The Mercury News reports that Paul Gross, Microsoft's senior V.P. of the MS mobility group, said the company is considering developing a mobile, wireless device to accompany the Xbox if the console is successful. Said Gross, "The concept of a companion gaming device is a very interesting thing. We could potentially leverage a lot of what we've done in the richness of a Pocket PC, with an integrated radio, and a form factor dedicated to gaming."

The Xbox is Microsoft's entry into the next-generation wars and is expected in the fall of 2001. It will compete with Sony's PlayStation 2 (which launched today) and Nintendo's Gamecube, likewise expected in the fall of 2001. Right now, only Nintendo appears set with a handheld strategy with the Game Boy Advance, the successor to the hugely popular Game Boy and Game Boy Color. GBA is scheduled to launch in the U.S. in July. For over eleven years, Nintendo has had a stranglehold on the handheld market in the U.S. -- if any company has the chutzpah (not to mention the money) to challenge Nintendo's dominance, it would be Microsoft.

Xbox Advance?

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