Dr. Dobbs Journal heeft een artikel online staan over de XBox graphics. Dit stuk is geschreven door een programmeur van Microsoft, Michael Abrash. Het intro verhaaltje bestaat uit zijn eerste programmeer ervaring en het moraal dat daar achter hangt . Het introotje is hieronder te lezen in de quote. Verder komen de specs van de graphics aan de orde, en veel vergelijkingen met PC en dergelijke. Het is interessant maar komt wel van een MS programmeur moet je weten, dus of het ook allemaal erg objectief is, ik denk het niet.I don't know exactly when it was that I realized I liked programming and computers more than most people did, but I know precisely when my wife figured it out. In 1980, I was working at a small, cash-starved consulting company that had a contract to put together energy-analysis software. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford mainframe time to develop the program, so I bought a CP/M machine, set it up in my apartment, and started coding. It worked great, and it was a blast having a computer that was all mine, every cycle, right down to the metal. After a few months, a deadline came up, and my friend Mike Koved and I worked late into the night on a simulation. After many hours, we started printing the results -- only to find that the printer was horribly loud in the late-night stillness. Afraid we would wake the neighbors, we unzipped a sleeping bag and hunched over the printer with it draped over our backs, creating a little hut to muffle the printer. It didn't work very well, of course, and it wasn't long before my wife woke up, looked at the buzzing mound of down-filled nylon in the living room, glanced at the clock, which read 4 am, said, "You're nuts," and went back to sleep. After that, she never had any doubt where my future lay; a year later, when I suggested spending half of our life savings on an IBM PC so I could write a game for it, she never batted an eye. The interesting thing to me is that this story is kind of like buggy-whip obsolescence on fast forward. When I tell it now, 20 years later, half the time people don't understand why the printer was a problem. You see, the offending printer was a dot-matrix, and now there's a whole generation that's never known anything but laser and inkjet printers -- so they've never had a printer that made any noise. Things change fast in the computer industry, to say the least.In ieder geval is het artikel niet al te ingewikkeld.