De magische Xbox zal eindelijk geopend worden. Deze schat zoekt nog betatesters die hem grondig willen testen. Cola-proof ? Hoe hard kan je het toetsenbord slaan ? en Gamed het dingetje lekker ?

Microsoft's gearing up for its Xbox developments, and it's looking for a few good men (and women) to participate in its playtesting lab. You'll get a shot at games before they're released, and everyone who participates will get a free Xbox game disc for their trouble... Sound good to you? Then hightail it over to the sign-up page by following the link below! Miscrosoft Playtest Services Group

Get games for FREE!

Play games BEFORE they are released!

TELL US how to make games better!

Microsoft would like to invite you to play games in our Playtest lab and tell us what you think about them. Most of the games you'll play have NOT YET BEEN RELEASED-you'll be seeing them before they even get to the stores or the Web!

YOUR OPINIONS will be influential in helping us make our games even better. To top it off, everyone who participates in a playtest session will be GIVEN A GAME FOR FREE, as our way of saying "thanks." Aanmelden mag hier, maar helaas alleen voor US bewoners