Mijn Linux-verslaafde broer (Martin) wees mij op X-Tux, een shoot 'em up voor Linux met Tux (de pinguin) in de hoofdrol. Hier is het grappige, maar (voor een quote) lange verhaal:2005: Microsoft finally releases Windows2000. The people who had lined up midnight December 31, 1999 expecting Microsoft to deliver "on time" were slightly annoyed, but other than that public response was extremely enthusiastic. Upon installing Windows2000, many users were happy to be greated by the recently renamed "blue screen of bliss", a completely blue background covered with white hexadecimal numbers. Soothing messages along the lines of "Bill is the riches man on the face of the earth because he is the worlds best programmer" and "Microsoft invented the internet (along with Al Gore)" filled the screen. An unexpected feature (which Microsoft claims to know nothing about) is the slow, hypnotic waves made by the monitors scan-line, which keep the user glued to the peacful blue screen while all their personal details are sucked up into a big computer in Redmond. "Microsoft must know all about me in order to protect me" said one user, "Intrusion is privacy! Long live big brother Bill!". Tux awoke from a long sleep. He had eaten way too much herring the night before, and was still feeling sleepy. Tux ambled over to his computer and visited slashdot.org Right next to the announcement "Microsoft releases Windows 2000", he see's a poll: "Windows2000 is (Wonderful | Excellent | Brilliant )" "No!" Thought Tux, "CmdrTaco wouldn't have tried it already!". But it was too late. Many of the Linux faithful had at least tried it, mostly for a laugh, and fallen under it's spell. Tux read the comments. Over 200, all with "First post" as their title, and all declaring Win2000 to be the best thing since Xtux, an obscure game released in 1999. Tux disconnects from Slashdot and sets out on his quest. You must Battle through hoards of Evil Microsoft lusers, Certified Peons and Bugs, while collecting computer processors. Using these, construct a massive Beowulf machine capable of cracking the security on Microsofts secret database. Upload yourself into the internet, liberate friendly Linux sites, and battle your way into microsoft.com destroying all you can find. Only then can you turn your wroth towards your nemisis, the evil lord Gates. Klik hier voor de homepage van X-Tux.