Iedereen heeft wel eens gehoord van de X-Men. Er komt zelfs een film van die het goed deed in Amerika dit weekend. Maar de X-Men draaien al langer mee in de Game wereld. Gamespot heeft de geschiedenis van de X-Men op een rijtje gezet.With this feat, the X-Men had conquered every front. It was translated into 22 languages and distributed in 75 countries, and it sold more than 400 million copies. All that was left to do was for Marvel to create a major motion picture based on the series. But historically, many comic-film adaptations had been notoriously disastrous, and Marvel didn't want to take its most successful property and ruin it in front of millions of moviegoers, so the X-Men movie idea was put to rest for awhile. Then with the release of Terminator 2 in 1991, Marvel executivess were finally convinced that the technology existed to make their incredible comic book world believable on screen. So, in honor of the X-Men feature film that opens today, we've put together a history of X-Men-related video games.

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