X-Com: Enforcer, overigens niet de verwarren met de steeds uitgestelde X-Com Alliance, is een spel dat allerminst trouw is aan de aard het X-Com genre. Zo waren de X-Com games altijd strategisch van aard, of het nu op aarde was in gevecht met aliens of in de ruimte ála X-Wing versus Tie Fighter of Elite. The Adrenaline Vault ontdekte in hun preview al dat deze game pure actie is. Maar wat zou daar op tegen zijn?Overall Thoughts: By completely removing traditional tactical considerations that have long been associated with the series and replacing them with non-stop, wall-to-wall, third-person action, X-COM: Enforcer is sure to raise a few hackles. After all, apart from the alien types, there's little to connect this latest edition with previous titles in the series -- though it's hard to say for sure, since the game is still in its alpha phase. However, this doesn't mean that you can't expect some of the things that make the series great, such as design excellence, ambition, and of course, fun. In fact, once you come to grips that this title encourages the frantic destruction of virtually anything that moves, it's easy to appreciate how well everything seems to work together. The Data Point system truly encourages you to exterminate with extreme prejudice, and the research opportunities should provide you with reasons to actually consider which weapon is right for the job. The action is fast, furious and exciting -- think of it as an X-COM cocktail with a twist of Doom. Is X-COM: Enforcer what fans have come to expect from the series? Hardly. But when you're pounding rockets into an alleyway full of Sectoids, chances are that you'll be too entertained to care.

Hersenloze actiegames zijn weer in. Zie bijvoorbeeld ook een game als Serious Sam, of het al wat oudere Blood 2. Gewoon je lekker uitleven en ontspannen inplaats van je druk maken over ingewikkelde verhaallijnen. We zijn er weereens aan toe. De game is nog in alpha fase en zal in de lente van dit mooie gamesjaar uitkomen.