Ondanks dat Interviews niet populair bij de lezers (julie dus) zijn, mag deze er toch zijn. Zoals bekend, is X-Com een serie waarin we lekker gaan knokken met Aliens. Dit vijfde deel krijgt ook een FPS deel, waarin we dankzij de Unreal Engine al die Sectoids een derde oog kunnen geven .

Telefragged's KungFu had dus het "interview" met de volgende knakkers:

WG = Will Gee, 3D Programmer

CC = Chris Coon, Lead Programmer

CDC = Christopher David Clark, Lead Designer

MD = Martin DeRiso, Producer KungFu: Do you think the old school X-com fans will like the jump from the turned based isometric gameplay to a fully fledged 3D hi-tech gameplay? CDC: Come on! Everyone who loves X-COM has thought at one time or another about what it would be like to actually “be” an X-COM trooper! Soon they'll know. Sure there will be some people who only want ¾ isometric turn based gameplay and will play nothing but, but if they're willing to give the first person perspective a try, we think they'll really enjoy Alliance. The X-COM faithful have expressed that they want a game that does justice to the X-COM legacy, and we think that X-COM Alliance will do just that. Many of us were here when UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown rolled out the door, and most importantly, WE ALL LOVE X-COM! Our goal is not only to produce a top-notch game, but to stay true and add favorably to the X-COM line. To this end, we have kept the core elements of X-COM intact. Squad based combat, nurturing and advancing your troopers, research, psionics, and many of the aliens from the original that fans grew to love (and hate), now brought to life in full 3D! Additionally, we're stretching the boundaries of traditional squad based games by including roleplaying elements, a solid storyline, resource management, and the most lifelike squad mates that players have ever seen. En aangezien iedereen dit interview wel boven zijn bed zou willen hangen, kan die het , hier uitprinten.