Terwijl ik maar ternauwenood mijn ogen open kan houden door de slaap (Damn CounterStrike!) heb ik nog wel een leuk interview gevonden op IGN met Lead Designer Chris Clark die momenteel bezig is met het spel X-COM: Alliance. Als dat nog niet alles is, is er ooknog een filmpje van 41 MB die jullie alvast de intro toont.IGNPC: You're basing the game (at least initially) on the Unreal engine. What are the inherent strengths or weaknesses of the engine? How much have you had to depart from the engine to achieve the effects you wanted? Chris Coon: Unreal probably has the best-looking rendering system out there, so we have changed the rendering code very little. However, we have had to alter and optimize how it stores and processes large amounts of data, because our levels are very large and Unreal just wasn't built for that. We also put in a skeletal-based animation system, and a completely different AI system because we had some good ideas and knew we could improve on it. We created a new sound system to be able to store and playback large amounts of compressed speech, and to create dynamic music with DirectMusic. Plus we have added a large 2D component to allow you to manage your resources, to move your troopers into research or training, to arm your squad before a mission, etc. Het interview vindt je hier. Het introfilmpje vindt je daar.