Weer een update over X-Com Alliance. Ga-Source heeft met Martin DeRiso gesproken (the producer) over de engine en wat je kan verwachten in het spel.X-COM Alliance is a first person squad-based game that utilizes the Unreal engine. Far more than your standard first-person shooter, this game features strategic, adventure and RPG elements, drawing from the rich X-COM universe. "This is the 5th (6th including X-COM E-Mail) in the series and the first from this perspective." Martin DeRiso, Producer on X-Com Alliance explains. "In the original X-COM's, it was turn-based ¾ isometric gameplay - here you get down to ground level to fight the aliens face to face." X-COM Alliance promises to feature similar gameplay found in games like Swat3 and Half-Life, while keeping the distinct X-COM flavor . "We're keeping a lot of the same gameplay elements, staying true to the brand and its themes to keep it wholly X-COM," stresses DeRiso. "I think FPS fans have us on their radar, and though we're making more of a “thinking man's game” than a “mindless shooter”, we hope to attract fans of all genres." Alliance will follow a twisting storyline that unfolds as you play through the game. The original X-COM's had you as an omnipotent character that commanded teams of X-COM troopers, defending the earth from alien attacks. In Alliance, you take on the role of a squad's Commander and lead a group of up to three other troopers on a series of combat missions. Your ship (the UGS Patton, a research vessel) gets accidentally transported to an unknown region of space and into the middle of an alien war. You must now ally yourselves with an alien race called the Ascidians and fight against some old enemies - and some new ones. Juist de X-Com achtergrond/sfeer maakt deze titel ERG yummie