Avault heeft wat weer meer info over X-COM Alliance. Naast de info ook weer wat nieuwe screenshots. One of the more unique action titles that will be demonstrated at E3 will be Hasbro Interactive and Microprose's X-COM Alliance. A definite departure for the series, the product will combine the series renowned strategy with the Unreal engine to produce a first-person shooter with team-based management. Gamers will be joined in battle against the aliens at the hand of up to three fighters they equip and direct. People will be able to choose their computer-controlled teammates based on their abilities and traits, and arm them according to the needs of each mission. People also will be able to follow their teammates' progress through inserts at the top of the screen, and assume control of one of them at any time. Alongside the heated action will be such familiar activities as training troops, researching alien technology and autopsy reports, and choosing from different missions. Alliance is slated for a mid-November release, Hasbro Interactive told the Adrenaline Vault. Expect Internet and LAN competitive and cooperative gaming as well. Bij het artikel staan er nog een paar.