Laatst al een kort bericht over de nieuwe X-Com game, X-Com: Enforcer. Gamespot heeft nu meer details.

X-Com Alliance moet nog uitkomen en men is nu al druk bezig met deel 6 & 7. X-Com Enforcer zal gebruik maken, net zoals X-Com Alliance, van de UT engine.

Zo zijn ze bezig met een aardige serie

1. X-Com UFO Defense (Ufo Enenemy Unknown)

2. X-Com Terror From the Deep

3. X-Com Apocalypse

4. X-Com Interceptor

5. X-Com Alliance (november 2000)

6. X-Com Enforcer

7. X-Com 7 (ik heb gehoord dat deze waarschijnlijk X-Com Genesis gaat heten)GameSpot recently had the chance to talk to Microprose about news that it is developing a new X-COM game tentatively called Enforcer. The game is much more focused on pure action than previous X-COM titles - even Alliance, the squad-based first-person shooter also due out this fall. In Enforcer, the player will take the role of a battle-ready android built by a doctor previously employed by X-COM. The doctor took the

android and went solo when X-COM threatened to cancel the project, but is now putting the robot into humanity's service to provide support where X-COM's forces are unavailable. The doctor will use captured alien teleportation technology to drop the player-android in various hot spots to combat the alien


Enforcer is in simultaneous development with Alliance at

Microprose's Hunt Valley studio. The game is said to have started as a limited in-house test of the Unreal Tournament engine, but it quickly developed into a full-blown project. Enforcer is now scheduled for release late this year.

For fans of X-COM: UFO Defense, the turn-based tactical game that kicked off the series, there is word from Microprose that a new tactical game is also in the initial stages of development. The project is simply being referred to as "X-COM 7," and very little is known about the game at this time.

X-Com Genesis, back to the roots

X-Com fans kunnen vorlopig weer vooruit (en daar ben ik heel blij mee )