De Amerikaanse Gamespot heeft een paar dagen terug een artikel geschreven over de X-Box. Eindelijk eens alle informatie bijelkaar:So the X-Box will not run PC software. The stripped-down Windows 2000 kernel will not have the robust operating system services needed for standard Windows applications. In fact, according to Microsoft, it won't even ship with a built-in browser, nor will it ship with a keyboard. Like the Sega Dreamcast, a keyboard will be an aftermarket add-on. On top of that, the games for the X-Box won't run on a Windows PC. If a game developer wants to have two different versions, one for a PC and one for the X-Box, it can do that, but you won't be able to pop an X-Box DVD into a PC and expect the game to run. This brings up another salient point: The X-Box uses the classic console business model. Developers will have to pay licensing fees to create an X-Box title. This seems a little weird to PC-centric folks (like me), but it makes great business sense. To be competitive, the X-Box will have to cost around $300 or less. There's no margin at that price, so the royalties off titles will be one of the main revenue sources.