Terragaming heeft een korte preview geschreven over World War III. Er wordt ingegaan over de engine die wordt gebruikt, de units en de omgevingen waarin de veldslagen gaan plaatsvinden.What makes or breaks an RTS title is game balance. A good game balance will require you to use diversity in your battles, adding strategy to the game and thus longevity. StarCraft, Age of Empires and Red Alert 2 all give extreme detail to balance, this is why you know these games so well. World War 3 plans to have roughly 12 units per country, having a small number of units will allow each to take its own role, choosing to neglect a certain unit will be a major disadvantage to your army.

World War 3 will lend itself to the gamers who are tired of battling alien races with no believable plot line. Instead, gamers will be attracted by the contemporary era and realistic units. When 3D RTS is done right, its great, but when its done just as a gimmick with nothing to back it up you get bored real quick. A game with this concept could go far, lets hope WW3 doesn't turn out to be a dud. Meer info over deze RTS kan je vinden bij Terragaming.

De engine ziet er veelbelovend uit, nu maar wachten op de 1e ingame screenshots en wat meer info over de units .