Tijdens de E3 werd door Empire Interactive World Sports Cars voorgesteld. Van deze racesimulatie wordt veel verwacht op het gebied van simulatie. Bij Gamespot hebben ze een aantal vragen kunnen stellen aan West Racing, de ontwikkelaars van deze racesimulatie. Tijdens het interview gaat men oa. dieper in op de systeemeisen.GS: How many polygons make up each car?

WR: The models can currently be up to 6000 polys for everything on a car, including the engine, wheels, brakes, interior, driver, etc. But our rendering system dictates that anything that can't be seen isn't processed, so the poly count won't be that high.

GS: External shots of the cars look great. But what do the cockpits look like? And what about the tracks and their surrounding environments?

WR: There have been some shots of the cockpits floating around [the Internet] - they are fully 3D virtual cockpits, again, with everything modeled; switches move, pedals work, etc. Tony has done a great job on those. As for the tracks, Tony has modeled access roads, areas behind the pits, and so on, so if you want to drive around the infield, you will be able to - if you can find a way in, that is.

Lees het hele interview en bekijk daarna gelijk de nieuwe screenshots.