Bij Sim Racing Mag hebben ze een interview gehouden met Chris West, een van de twee broers die World Sports Cars ontwikkelt. In dit interview is niet het normale gebabbel te lezen maar gaat het vooral nieuwe technologieën, zoals bv. DirectX 8.B asically, what new features of DX8 does WSC uses ??

or will use... I should say

Mmm, right well it will be using the vastly improved DirectPlay stuff which is now very stable and greatly optimized and can handle large number of players/spectators.

The DirectVoice stuff as well will be used.

T hat's good news for the online part... «ô¿ô»

The only part of the 3D side we are yet undecided about is the vertex shaders, they are very good and fast but there is a learning curve envolved and a rewrite of the 3d engine to make use of them properly, and that will rule out some of the T&L hardware.

Het interview is zeer interessant om te lezen.