Yep na het lezen van de zoveelste preview mogen we echt in onze handjes knijpen, want deze titel heeft een hoop lekkers en veel bradwursten . Het enige wat slecht smaakt is de release date want die staat pas op end 2000...ja mensen het wordt een lange zomer The textures are very detailed. The walls of the castle are decorated with pictures of the Fürer und andere solche dinge…(sorry, I got carried away). Anyway the designers created the castle interior using authentic photographs of German castles. The authors claim that the environment will be highly interactive. That basically means that a lot of objects would be "shootable"; i.e. when you shoot at them they react to it in a certain, interesting way. You will be able to break boxes, destroy some walls and barricades with Nazis behind them, oil tanks can be burs to make the oil flow out of them and make the floor slippery (of course if you shoot at oil tanks too much they will burst in flames). Peaces of furniture can also be used as barricades or in some cases even as weapons. The enemies don't disappear after being shot - their bodies remain lying about the castle reminding you which direction you came from. I just mentioned that the game reminded me of Mortyr. That defiantly doesn't go for AI. Return to castle Wolfenstein probably has one of the bet AI scripts. Each Nazi will have an IQ, and the smarter ones will surely give you a hard time. They won't just stand in front of you and shoot (like they did in the original Wolfenstein), they'll run around you or run for cover in order to shoot you from its safety. When you find cover, they will usually try to sneak up to you from your back. The thing I liked most (no, that's a lie - I didn't like it at all!) was that they can even return your grenades if they have the time. The same goes for Blazkowicza who got the honor to be the first FPS hero who can get tired from running. That was my old wish - an FPS game in which you won't be able to have "auto-run" always on. B.J. has "running energy" with which he is capable of running not more than a couple of seconds, after which his energy is drained, only to be recovered in time. The enemies are intelligent ant there is too much of them; in fact they come in infinite numbers. I'm not sure if the players will appreciate the idea of respawning monsters. It always irritated me.Hopelijk zit Eva er dit keer ook bij want zonder Eva's en Helga's blijft het toch een man's world Achtung !! ein Preview