Gamespot heeft een artikel gemaakt over de mogelijkheden van win2k voor gamers. Ze komen tot de volgende conclusie:To be fair, Windows 2000 is still beta and so are the drivers; in fact, I'd go so far as to characterize the sound drivers as alpha quality. Windows 2000 makes use of a new type of driver for audio and other streaming devices called WDM (windows driver model). WDM is also supported in Windows 98SE. Windows 2000 looks promising, but until we can get more robust drivers, it's still uncertain how many Windows 9x games it will run. So for now, it looks like Windows 9x isn't dead yet. Microsoft was originally going to do a consumer version of Windows 2000 but has backed away from its plan. Instead, we'll be getting an updated version of the Windows 9x kernel in an OS called Windows Millennium. The name begs an interesting question: If there's Windows 2000, does that mean Windows Millennium is 1,000 years behind it?