Ik zelf heb er niet zo veel behoeft aan, maar in ieder geval kun je een date winnen met Jackie Chan. Dit naar aanleiding van de release van de game over hem, voor de PSX. Midway Home Entertainment today announced that Jackie Chan Stuntmaster for the PlayStation would be in retail outlets Wednesday, March 29. Stuntmaster features the signature moves, voice, and humor of the popular action movie star. The release is being supported with a nationwide Stuntmaster contest, where people can enter using in-game pieces or write-in entries. The winner and a guest will be treated to an opportunity to spend an evening with Chan. The evening will include dinner, watching a classic Chan movie, and Stuntmaster competition. Stuntmaster focuses on both Chan's martial arts expertise and his agility as a stuntman. With a fighting system based on his personal techniques, specialized moves have been incorporated to allow people to use fighting props such as a broom, a pool cue, a plunger, and even a fish. Points are awarded for creative stunts and fighting in 15 true 3D levels spread across five areas, including Chinatown, a waterfront area, a sewer system, the roofs, and a factory.Kijk op Midway voor meer info.