Het was natuurlijk onmogelijk dat er geen online variant zou komen voor één van de meest succesvolle games allertijden: The Sims. Will Wright, de leading man achter het idee geeft wat meer info over zijn volgende game in zn keynotespeech die is uitgewerkt door GamaSutra.

Hierbij wordt vooral gesproken over complete steden waarin Sims hun huis kunnen maken en delen met andere online bewoners.Wright went on to talk about the next step for The Sims brand -- Sims Online, where the players goals and the measure of their success will involve how much time other players spend on each others' lots. "Players can construct elaborate homes, businesses, and nightclubs," Wright said. "Of course, we're expecting bordellos and the like as well." In Sims Online, cliques and social circles will be the hub of game play, and it will feature a "six degrees of separation" feature that will allow players to see immediately who their closest friends and enemies are. Interactive storytelling is another interesting side effect of The Sims and Sim City's design. Players have submitted their elaborate stories to Sims.com in a competition, with winners ranging from the elaborate weekend ski-trip (involving ghosts of dead lovers), to the odd hating of Starbucks (not the chain, just one Starbucks in particular), to the true story of a woman's abusive relationship.

Online games voor de massa's, ik ben benieuwd. Lees de complete feature voor meer info.