Op dit moment is Rebecca Romjin-Stamos een grote kanshebber om de hoofdrol in de Film van Lara Croft te spelen. Eerder genoemde kanshebbers zijn: Demi Moore, Elizabeth Hurley en Catherine Zeta-Jones.The latest actress said to be in the running for the starring role in upcoming Tomb Raider movie is swimsuit model turned actress Rebecca Romjin-Stamos. Will Rebecca star as the industry's most famous and desirable icon, Lara Croft? Other actresses said to be up for the part include Demi Moore, Elizabeth Hurley, and up and coming star of The Haunting, Catherine Zeta-Jones. For all your Tomb Raider news and information, be sure to check out The Croft Times - your weekly source of information about the Tomb Raider Universe.

Van mij mag ze het worden