De makers van WOT heeft een update en nieuwe dingen toegevoegd... New Features: + Player ID (point cursor at someone and see their name) with Disguise support. + Voting (RestartServer, Kick, KickBan, Open). + Added log statements for join team/leave team/restartgame to clear to log info to console for server admins. + NetSpeed menu additions. + KickBan. + Allow non-English installers (UMasterCommandlet). Fixes: + Fix for "too many seals" bug. + Added IsBattlefieldClear() to test citadel game state + Fix for "bad server config" bug (check for no players when !IsBattlefieldClear() in Timer()). + Fix for "spectators can affect game play" -- spectators are forced onto one of the teams one the game has started. + Fix color character icons on Scoreboard. + Tracer fixes. + MachinShin replication fixes. + Button input fixes. + Remove spaces from names on SetName. + Seeker replication optimization. + LightGlobe fixes. + SwapPlacesEffect - make spirit shield effective. + Changed TCHAR_TO_OEM to TCHAR_TO_ANSI to fix problems with localized versions. + Include patch to fix copy-protection bug that breaks MP server startup. + Include patch with all D3D enhancements + ini changes (SetupWoTfrench.ini, SetupWoT2french.ini,SetupWoTgerman.ini, SetupWoT2german.ini, SetupWoTother.ini, SetupWoT2other.ini). + ini changes (remove etc.). + Localization (WoT.det, WOT.est, Angreal.det, wotbrowser.est, SetupWoTother.est). + Fix for FString:arse / appStrfind crash. + Fix for shift while walking (could leave players floating in air).. + Fix for high Illum times -- use Home or Grey "+" to flush caches. + Fix for Legion projectiles hunting down respawned targets. + Fix for NPCs maintaining targets after they die and respawn. + Can no longer freeze corpses (fixes floating corpses and possibly a crash related to this).Op deze page kan je hem downen.