Er is goed nieuws voor alle TNT2 en GeForce eigenaars. Er is een patch uit voor WoT die de D3D performance zou moeten verbeteren. Misschien kan ik dan eindelijk hoger dan 800x600 gaan spelen The Unreal-engine family of games has always had a little problem working well with D3D-based cards, such as the TNT2 and the GeForce. Epic hasn't stopped working on the problem, though, especially with the recent release of some cutting-edge hardware which would really show off games like UT and WoT well. The result of this development applies to both games, and I can now pass it on to you. While I can't guarantee that it'll solve all of the possible D3D problems out there, if you have a D3D card, you very well might see an improvement in performance by applying the following patch. By the way, this new patch supercedes the previous D3D patch (hence the '2' in the filename; it's doubly good!). And here it is! Download the latest D3D patch by clicking on these especially clickable words. Just a note: this patch automatically places the new D3D driver in the system directory of the latest version of WoT that you installed. If, for some reason, you have other versions of WoT on your system, simply use Winzip to unzip the file and manually place D3DDRV.DLL in the WoT system directory of your choice. Downloaden kan hier