Geachte gamers, op dit adres kunt u een prachtige en zeer praktische Wheel of Time strategy-guide vinden. Ik wens u allen veel plezier toe met het lezen ervan. Ik heb een stukje voorpret voor u uitgeknipt :Welcome to my Wheel of Time strategy guide. It was written to pass on some tips and tricks about the multiplayer aspects of WoT. And it will hopefully help to attract your interest in the game. Although Wheel of Time might look similar to other first person deathmatch (and CTF) games, you will find that different tactics are necessary to be a successful Citadel player. Mastering all 39 angreals might seem like a big task and the amount of things that you can do with them a bit overwhelming at first, but don't worry, you can have some success quickly if you learn a few simple rules. When you're playing the game you should always remember that there isn't one "weapon" that is overpowered - every attack can be countered somehow. Finding out the 'how' is part of the fun, though and might take some time.