Eindeljk is hij er dan, de Wheel Of Time 333 patch. Hier een paar van de nieuwe features:[bullet]Player ID (point your cursor at a player and see their name). It works with Disguise, too--moving your cursor over someone who is disguised will show the correct disguised name. You can turn this option off from the "Controls" menu. [bullet] A voting system. Players can now vote to restart the server, kick an abusive player, ban an abusive player, and change a map in progress. In order for this to work, use the following syntax from the console: vote restartserver vote kick (example: vote kick TheAmazingFoodMan) vote kickban (example: vote kickban Badaxe) vote open (example: vote open arena_02) In order for the vote to succeed, all players voting in the affirmative must type the same command. If you wish to vote no, simply do not enter any command. A majority is required before the command is executed. Only players who have installed this patch will be able to use the voting system. [bullet]New log statements for players joining a team, leaving a team, and restarting the game, in order to better present the information to server administrators. [bullet] A "Net Speed" menu option in the "Player Config" section of the "Multiplayer" menu. There are three settings: "Internet" (for 28.8 to 56K modem users), "Fast Internet" (for ISDN and cable modem users), and "LAN" (for DSL or faster connections) Download em hier